Waste Less Textiles

In March we looked at how to waste less textiles. More info below.

Back to the current campaign on Waste Less Plastics this autumn.

It’s thought more than 30% of our clothing goes to landfill when we’re finished with it. Yet all of our clothing can either be re-used or recycled.

We know that an increasing amount is collected door-to-door by charities and textile recyclers, but generally the items still have to be in reasonable condition.

Whereas all old, broken, unwanted clothes, shoes (in pairs), blankets, curtains, towels and sheets can be taken to your local Household Waste Recycling Site and placed in textile banks for recycling.

All we ask is that the items are clean, dry and bagged before placing them in the textile banks.

Clothes and shoes that still have some life left in them will be sorted and sent for reuse. Old and well-worn clothing will be recycled by shredding and used in the ‘flocking’ industry as car seat filler.

All the districts and boroughs in West Sussex also operate textile banks in car parks and at supermarkets all over the county. And Crawley has its own kerbside textiles collection.

So don’t let your clothes go to waste.

Find your nearest Household Waste Recycling Site here.