Waste Less Textiles

In the spring we looked at how to waste less textiles.

Back to the current campaign on Waste Less this summer.

There is something about spring that seems to inspire a splurge on new clothes, a purge of old winter jumpers and boots, and a spring clean at home.

If you were clearing out your wardrobe to make way for spring shirts and skirts and your bed sheets had seen better days, we asked you to give textiles the send off they deserve.

It’s thought more than 30% of our clothing goes to landfill when we’re finished with it. Yet all of our clothing - plus towels, sheets, bras, pairs of shoes, bedding and curtains - can either be re-used or recycled.

Our advice was as follows.

Get shopping advice

Planning to hit the shops? Before buying that must-have spring jumper, get shopping tips from the Love Your Clothes website on purchasing, use and disposing of clothes. This way, you get the best value out of your shopping as well as helping to reduce waste.

Donate to charity

Got good quality clothes that you just don't wear anymore? You may choose to donate these and other household items such as bed linen and curtains, to your preferred local charity shop.

Unwanted bedding such as duvets, pillows, sleeping bags and bed linen in good condition can be donated to any known reuse networks or local night shelters or charities that specialise in helping homeless people.

Bedding in not so good condition may be welcomed by a local animal shelter, charity or veterinary practice.

Recycle it

All clothes and home textiles can be recycled, even tights, underwear, shoes and accessories. It doesn't matter if they're torn or tatty as long as they are clean and dry. 100% of West Sussex’s textiles are processed within the UK and are either sorted to be worn again or recycled into useful products like felt, insulation or stuffing.

There are textile recycling banks in many car parks, in town centres and at stations and supermarkets, as well as at all 11 of the West Sussex Household Waste Recycling Sites.

If you live in Crawley, you have even more choice, as the borough runs a textile kerbside collection service - see Crawley's website for more details.

Unfortunately, bulky stuffed items including duvets and pillows are not suitable for recycling; instead they are shredded and sent to landfill.