Waste Less Aluminium

Over the summer we looked at how to waste less cans, foil and aerosols.

Back to the current campaign on Waste Less Plastics this autumn.

Aluminium cans

All aluminium products can be recycled after use. Its recyclability is one of the huge benefits of using aluminium and 75% of aluminium ever produced is still in use today.

As governments look to increase sustainability and improve management of resources, increasing the collection and recycling of aluminium has been identified as a ‘priority’.

Over the summer months, cans are one of the materials we see rise significantly, and in addition to the environmental benefits, aluminium scrap has considerable market value. This is because the energy needed to melt aluminium scrap is only a fraction of that required for primary aluminium production.

Any money we make from selling the cans baled at our Recycling Facility in Ford goes straight back into Council Services.


Aluminium foil - often called "tin foil" - is also used a lot more over the summer - probably something to do with outdoor eating, picnics and BBQs.

It's popular with both shops and at home to wrap and preserve food, because it acts as a total barrier to light and oxygen, odours and flavours, moistness, and germs. A very handy material indeed! We also see a lot of aluminium foil containers and trays used for pies, fish and long-life foods.

If its clean, we can recycle it.

So the next time you wrap your sandwiches in foil, or food to store in the freezer, or cover your chicken in the oven, or BBQ fish in a foil tray - if it can be cleaned, please don't bin it, rinse and recycle it.


Summer means sprays, most of them aerosols - which can all be recycled!

Think holidays and hot weather, and we're sure you will buy some of these: mosquito spray, insect spray, ant spray, anti-perspirant spray, antiseptic spray... along with hairsprays, furniture sprays and shaving cream, they can all be added to your regular home recycling bin.

As long as aerosols are empty - gas, gel or foam - and have not been pierced, we can recycle them for you.

Want more information? Visit our sister site www.recycleforwestsussex.org.uk/