Waste Less

This summer many people will be fixated on sport, so we are turning our attention to cans and bottles.

For the last three years, it has been the month of July that has seen the highest aluminium tonnage each summer. But the last three July's didn't have a double whammy of Wimbledon plus the European football championships. And now we're moving swiftly on to the Olympics, with a packed TV schedule starting 5 August.

Last July we saw aluminium pass the 100 tonne mark (104.6 tonnes) for the first time and it was double the weight of the aluminium cans recycled in June. But we'll bet it will soar past that this year, with so much television watching and socialising in between.

And a good thing too. All aluminium products can be recycled after use. Its recyclability is one of the huge benefits of using aluminium and 75% of aluminium ever produced is still in use today.

As governments look to increase sustainability and improve management of resources, increasing the collection and recycling of aluminium has been identified as a ‘priority’.

And we keep knocking back the drinks... wine bottles, water bottles, squash bottles, fizzy bottles; plus from the sizzling grills, ketchup bottles, mayonnaise bottles, balsamic bottles; and from the bathroom shampoo bottles, bodywash bottles and handwash bottles.

A rise in the recycling of plastic bottles is usually in line with nicer, warmer weather - as you would expect. But with sport dominating our entire summer - the Olympics start 5 August, a few weeks after football and tennis end - we're hoping to get bumper bottle figures for June through to September.

We know from our figures that people recycle a lot more clear plastic bottles than coloured plastic, and that's perhaps because we tend to buy more clear bottles than coloured. But our waste analysis, carried out last autumn, shows residents seem confused about coloured plastic, as 40% of it is still being thrown in the rubbish bin. 

We don't mind what colour your bottles are - like the Olympic rings, they can be green, yellow, red, black or blue! - or whether they are plastic or glass, they can all go in your home recycling!

So this summer, when you think drink, think recycle.