This summer is jam-packed with sport, so if you're a sports fan you are in for a treat.

Portugal pipped France to become Euro 2016 champions, and Andy Murray got his second Wimbledon title. Now we move onto watching world class athletes in Rio at the Olympics and Paralympics. If you aren't into sport, you're in luck too - use the opportunity to enjoy your favourite places outdoors without the crowds!

Watching on the telly

The Olympics offers a huge variety of sports to watch, some mainstream, some only televised once every 4 years - like synchronised swimming and fencing! Or take a look at the cycling and running routes for glimpses of the host country. Whatever you tune into, be a winner at recycling.

Please recycle the following:

Water bottles
Diet soda bottles or cans
Beer bottles or cans

Inspired to be healthy

Some of us might just watch the Olympics in awe of such incredibly toned athletes, but still eat half a pizza whilst they are working up a sweat. Others may be inspired to bin the biscuits and try a new sport and a healthy diet. If this is you, don't forget to compost your fruit and vegetable peelings and any salad leftovers.

Please recycle the following:

Fruit punnets
Yoghurt pots
Salad boxes
Sushi boxes
Sorbet tubs
Smoothie cartons
Spice jars
Pulses tins

Get outside in July

There are still 2 more weeks until the Olympics start (5-21 August). So get outdoors! Some of the prominent picnic spots could be busy though, especially when schools break up on 22nd July. If you're dusting off your wicker basket, reuse take-away tubs to put sandwiches and nibbles in, or if you aren't overrun with plastic tubs, choose foil over clingfilm to wrap up food as it can be rinsed and recycled afterwards (or added to the top shelf in your dishwasher).

Please recycle the following:

Water bottles
Squash bottles
Diet soda cans
Smoothie cartons
Yoghurt pots
Fruit tubs/punnets
Salad tubs
Soft cheese tubs
Flapjack tubs

Click here for some of the best picnic spots in West Sussex.