Press release: You'll love this Christmas creation

The Christmas tree was first created last year, and deliberately made so that it could be packed down and reused year after year.

Last year it was outside Crawley Library; this year it's outside office buildings on North Street in Horsham.

All the bottles were donated by a water company, who had previously used them for testing.

At night, the lights inside shine out through the bottles, really giving it the "wow" factor - its definitely worth a look if you live or work in the area.

Read more about the tree on this WSCC press release.

Not sure where to find the tree? Use our link below - it's by the footbridge from North Street into the Carfax.

Your map to finding the tree.

All plastic bottles and household containers (pots, tubs and trays) can be recycled in West Sussex.

Did you know?

Did you know?