I want to recycle more.

The top three products that commonly don't get recycled in West Sussex are foil, aerosols and plastic containers.

Foil just needs to be clean and scrunched in a ball. A quick rinse in old washing up water will normally do the trick, or lay it on the top shelf of your dishwasher over your mugs or other items. Our most recent stats show that 95% of foil in West Sussex is being thrown away.

Each year the UK uses around 600 million aerosols, but 1 in 4 people in West Sussex don't realise they can recycle the empty cans. Don't pierce your aerosols just pop them in your recycling as soon as they run out. 

Pots, tubs and trays
For the last two years, we have been collecting your plastic food containers for recycling in West Sussex, but it seems the message hasn't reached enough people. Only 10% are being put in recycling bins. 90% are still being thrown away.

And here are some more products you might not know you can recycle, but you can.

You know, soup cartons, juice cartons, smoothie cartons... all they need is a quick rinse in any leftover washing up water to get rid of any remaining liquid inside. Yet 40% of cartons are going in people's rubbish bins in West Sussex.

Blister packs
A little known fact, but you can indeed recycle your empty pill packets.

Trigger sprays
We often get asked about these. Tops on or tops off? If you can get the top off, great. If you can't, we still want you to recycle them; they are bottles after all, and plastic or glass, we recycle all bottles.

Glass jars
Strange one this, only 50% are recycled, the other 50% are thrown away. But why? We've been recycling glass bottles and jars for years, so we think its the cleaning of the jars which put people off. The majority of jars literally need a few minutes soak in some warm-ish leftover washing up water and a shake (lid on!!!).

Food and drink cans
Another one coming in at 50-50, half are recycled, half aren't. It's such a waste, steel is endlessly recyclable and doesn't lose any quality in the process. So to throw it away is a waste of the Earth's resources and a waste of money.

Want to view more products that can be recycled at home?

We've got the full list here. Just flick through our A-Z to find what you are looking for.