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Tackling Food Waste Collections in West Sussex

The West Sussex Waste Partnership is looking to tackle food waste in the first instance through the Fight Against Food Waste prevention campaign. As 70% of food waste is avoidable, our strategy is to try and prevent it from being wasted in the first place. Waste prevention is the preferred solution as it is more economical and sustainable.
Alongside the food waste prevention campaign, the WSWP is looking to undertake trials of separate food waste collections to further reduce the amount of waste we send to landfill.

What a waste!

We can all be guilty of buying too much food and letting it fester in the fridge or cupboard but most of us don’t realise how much food we actually waste every day. From uneaten leftovers that we simply throw in the bin to spoiled foods we’ve left in the fridge, around 40% of the rubbish in an average West Sussex bin is made up of food waste.

Most food waste is actually avoidable and 70% could have been eaten at some point.

Saving food from the bin is not only good for the environment but it can also save you money. Throwing food away costs! This is the equivalent of £20 per month per person or £70 per month for a family of four.

It’s easier than you think to waste less food and it’s something we should all take responsibility for to make a real difference. Will you take up the challenge to save our environment and save yourself some money? Why not join the West Sussex Waste Partnership in our #FightAgainstFoodWaste. Here are just a few tips to help you in our #FightAgainstFoodWaste

  1. Need help to shop smart? - In the midst of a busy lifestyle, shopping can sometimes seem like a chore. But taking time to go shopping can really make sense.  Check out Ten ways to help you shop smart, save money, and waste less
  2. Ever wondered what temperature to set your fridge at? – It’s important to keep your fridge temperature at 5 degrees Celsius or below and from time to time, check any built-in digital thermometers against a free-standing one to ensure accuracy. These are all ways to keep your food fresher for longer. Check out What temperature should my fridge and freezer be today?.
  3. Don’t get done over by the leftover! - It is very easy to see leftovers as a waste. It’s easy to just throw them away and cook something the next day from scratch. But leftovers should be seen as a resource that provides ingredients for a starter, main or even pudding. Click here and Don’t get done over and love your leftovers!

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