Food waste

Pancake Day or Shrove Tuesday, as it is also known, is a day of feasting before the fasting of Lent begins.

It was originally a way for families to use up perishable items such as butter, milk and eggs, which they wouldn’t be able to consume for six long weeks.

So you could say it was pioneering the food waste prevention cause!

Sadly, pancake day now creates food waste, rather than prevents it, as more people visit the shops to buy ingredients specifically to make pancakes that they don't already have at home.

Waste is expensive - for our pockets and the planet. Once anything goes in the rubbish bin, there is a cost attached to collecting and disposing of that rubbish. So here's what you can do.

Buy a compost bin from us

What's this got to do with pancake day? Your egg shells can go in it. So can your orange and lemon quarters once you've squeezed out the juice.

If you already have a bin but aren’t sure if you’re using it to its full potential, hop across to our compost A-Z page which has a huge list of things you can put in. And if you haven’t got a bin and you live in West Sussex you can buy a discounted one from us on our buy a bin page. Prices start at just £16.

Every compost bin that gets filled up is helping to keep landfill costs down, and save public money for core services like schools and libraries that need it.

Think before you throw

Here are some tips for leftovers this February.

  • Keep the pancake recipe simple, but be brave with your toppings. What have you got in the fridge and cupboard you can try?

  • We know pancakes are a delicious treat but can you really eat six? Okay, make that ten? Make the amount you are likely to eat or serve. More batter can be made quickly, if needed.

  • Be careful when flipping! Pancakes on the floor (or ceiling) will definitely have to go in the bin.

  • If you do have leftover ingredients, the batter will be fine for more pancakes the next day, so will any chopped fruit, and milk and eggs can be frozen.

  • If you've got loads of batter left, make muffins! Full recipe instructions here. But basically its adding the batter to a muffin tray, pop in choc chips or blueberries if you have any, and bake.

  • We are going to assume there are unlikely to be leftover chocolates from Valentine's Day, however, if you receive some you aren't keen on (!) you could always wait a month and make these super-easy-3-ingredient Easter nests out of them.