Green Waste

In West Sussex there are lots of easy options for recycling green waste generated in our gardens and outside spaces. 

1. Home compost bins (starting at £15, see our Buy A Bin page).
2. Kerbside collection bins (available through local District and Boroughs).
3. Green waste skips at local household waste recycling sites (HWRS).

Home composters whether large or small, bought or DIY, can be fitted into a small space and are worth their weight in gold. You can add kitchen waste and green waste to these, and in return get free home made soil conditioner for pots, beds and borders.

At certain times our gardens and outside spaces will generate green waste that can’t be composted at home – woody prunings from fruit trees in winter, lots of grass cuttings in the height of summer and woody vegetable plant stems that may take too long to break down in our domestic composters. That's where your district or borough green waste kerbside collection service comes in handy. Details vary from area to area, use the links below to find yours.

Adur and Worthing Councils

Arun District Council

Chichester District Council

Crawley Borough Council

Horsham District Council

Mid Sussex Borough Council

Where does it go and what happens to it?

We have two businesses in West Sussex who take in the green waste and convert it into top quality compost ready to be sold to consumers and businesses. One of them, the Woodhorn Group based near Chichester, have a great 3-minute video on the process from kerbside to the final product.

All Household Waste Recycling sites (HWRS) in West Sussex take green waste as a matter of course.  When neither your home composter nor your green waste kerbside collection bin can cope with either the amount or type of green waste you have, then a visit to your local HWRS will solve the problem.