Buy A Bin

The ideal compost bin is easily accessible, has a lid and no gaps in the sides.

You can purchase a 220L compost bin for £15 or a 330L compost bin for £18.  You can also browse a number of other discounted garden and composting products which you might find helpful.

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These great products and prices are available to all West Sussex householders, thanks to a partnership between West Sussex County Council and Get Composting.

Once you have a home compost bin, it should be situated ideally in a sunny or semi-shaded position on soil or turf. Don't place it too far from your kitchen, you don't want a wet walk in winter.

Keep adding a good mix of green and brown ingredients see our A-Z list if you need a reminder and with the bins in a good location you could even have some compost for your beds, borders, plots and pots in as little as six weeks.

Our expert blog also offers great advice, photos and top tips.