Waste Prevention volunteer Bryan Norris shares his composting story...

With the current emphasis on composting as a key way to reduce green waste I thought I would share my composting attempts.

My compost bins are approximately 1 metre cubed and made from some 'waste' insulated blocks. Continuing in the spirit of reuse, the blue covers I use to keep in heat and compost ingredients are ex swimming pool covers.  I have obtained all the materials used in the construction via the local Free-cycle group.These are bubble wrap which provides a high degree of insulation.  In one of my bins you would see that the centre is slightly raised. Here  I use the heat from the heap to warm some propagating trays -  there is sufficient heat generated b y the composting activity to accelerate germination.

The results of germination on the warm compost means that I can grow potatoes for example from the tuber (sprouted in trays on the warm heap), then transferred to the greenhouse and ultimately to their final positions.

I germinate French beans and tomatoes too in the cardboard tubes from toilet rolls by this method too, which gives an almost 100% germination rate, and allows the plants to be planted directly with the minimal amount of root disturbance.

The actual growing medium of all these plants is a mixture of home produced compost with a small addition of commercially produced compost and sharp sand to improve the consistency.

Bryan's fab heaps are certainly doing the business and is inspiration for everyone with green waste and the urge to 'grow-your-own'.  A big thank you for the inspiration Bryan.  Annie


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