Volunteers compost!

In Cheryl’s larger plot you’ll find a bin at hand in every bed and border.

‘I have six compost bins around the garden so that I don’t have to carry the compost far, all placed within the beds and on open ground. Included in the six is one open compost bin and three old dustbins with holes punched in the bottom, all situated on open ground and used mainly for leaf litter. I also have two *Green Johannas which take garden green waste and food waste, again sited on open ground. This all ensures that the garden is well nourished and I do not have to use chemicals.

Wherever the composters are that’s where I use the compost when its ready so there is no need to move the compost from one part of the garden to another. In effect each bed has its own compost bin. The exceptions are those situated behind the summerhouse where the three old dustbins are now used as leaf bins – the autumn leaf fall is collected and then left except for watering a couple of times a year. These leaf bins are in a shady position and out of sight behind the summerhouse, but the resultant leaf mould is great for the boggy areas of the pond.

I also have two Green Johanna hot composters which take food waste as well as green waste (one being filled up and one breaking down). Both are in a shady part of the garden, on open ground and take all our food waste, grass cuttings and shredded paper. I stir it well from time to time and they produce fantastic compost.

I think home-made compost is the ‘circle of life’, for a garden. It helps to improve soil structure as well as providing some nutrients for the plants. It can also help to conserve moisture. What is there not to like about composting?'

One of Cheryl's composters is guarded by a friendly dragon!

What not to like indeed Cheryl! I love the idea of having a composter handily placed where I might use the compost – saves a lot of work moving it to every corner of the garden. Annie.

*you can find out more about Green Johanna hot composters at Great Green Systems.


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