Volunteer Laura is a hot composter fan but has friends who cold compost.

‘My Green Johanna is great for my composting needs at home but I have friends whose composting efforts entail two bins with great results from both. First they have a bin on soil and another on paving, both tucked away behind a shed out of sight and in partial shade. The owners have not noticed any difference in the rate of composting in either bin and get enough compost to use twice a year in spring and autumn to cover the equivalent of a small border.

They use a Compost Maker in each bin and when asked why, they just felt that it would speed up the rate of composting, although they have not experimented without using the mixture. We even went to the trouble of calling one of the companies who make the Compost Maker they buy to find out the ingredients – it turns out it contains lime/ammonium sulphate.

When asked why they didn’t have a Green Johanna like mine to utilise other food waste, they replied that they very rarely had any food waste, as they usually cooked enough for a meal for the day and then for leftovers for the next day. They always cooked fresh vegetables (organic) for each meal. They only cook an amount which they knew they would eat and no extra.

Their tips for successful composting?

Add an equal quantity of greens and browns.

Turn the compost regularly.

And to keep extra food out of the rubbish bin?

Don't cook food that you don't need.'

Adding a ‘compost maker’ product can help composting and sulphate of ammonia fertiliser helps to break down dry ingredients in a heap. The RHS website has great information on composting. Annie.


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