Team compost

Kerry has recently moved home and inherited a large garden with composters in situ.

‘First we had to find our composters and located them in a woody, shaded area at the back of the garden. We didn't put them there! So we’re aiming to put them somewhere sunny and closer to the house.

Having found them we lifted the lids! Inside: a sludgy, smelly mess from grass - nothing else by the looks of it - all from the previous owner. Ideally we’ll need to empty the lot and start again.

We’ll be pinning a list of greens/browns to the fridge to refer to.’

A compost ‘ingredients’ list is always useful and great pinned to the fridge or memo board for quick reference. If you inherit a sludgy mess you could try adding some ‘brown’ ingredients, mix it up bit and see if the sludge can be rescued but sometimes that’s just not possible. If you decide to abandon the contents and begin again, the sludge can go in your council kerbside green waste bin if you’ve got one. Alternatively, you could just leave it to dry on bare soil to dig in next time you are working in that part of the garden.

Whatever you do, happy composting Kerry. Annie.


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