Spring into composting

As soon as the sun is out, many of us with back gardens will be out there feeling the warmth on our faces and opening up the shed for the first time in months.

We'll be pulling out gardening gloves and a bucket, sack or similar to collect up fallen leaves, moss that seems to have taken over outdoor decking, and other garden detritus that seems to find its way over the winter into various corners and places which would look much better for a clean up.

If you have a home compost bin, you can put the results of your clean up straight into it. And as West Sussex slowly warms up in March, April and May, the composting microbes will start working that bit harder, so anything you put in it now is perfect. If you don't have a bin, we sell them from just £15 over on our buy a bin page.

March is a good time to plant seeds for all sorts of summer flowers - I've got delphinium seeds on my garden shopping list this week. Sweet peas and sunflowers are good to sew at this time of year too.

You can absolutely use your own compost for planting seeds, however, you need to make sure there are good air pockets in it. The best way to do this is bulk it out a bit with some leafmould or soil conditioner -  both can be bought.  If you can't get hold of any just use some standard soil from your gardens but do sieve it. This gets rid of any weeds or roots.

Do keep adding all sorts of material from your kitchens and gardens to your compost bin this month, and this will ensure plenty of lovely, crumbly compost ready for the summer.


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