Spring into composting action

As soon as the Christmas season is over it seems there are snowdrops popping up in unlikely places, daffs can even be spotted in flower and crocuses are not far behind. Spring is definitely on the doorstep and with spring comes a new energy to try new ventures.  Have you ever thought of composting for example?  If you have then spring is the very best time to become a composting newbie! It’s fun, free and an easy way to recycle, reducing waste into the bargain.

We all know that everything that once lived will eventually rot, but did you also know that the rotting process produces vital nutrients that can be returned to the soil and composting is an easy way of speeding up this process. Following some simple guidelines will help to ensure success and a splendid garden.

Unsure about composters and where to site them? This will depend on your own plot and there is plenty of help and advice out there for all situations.  Here is just a sample. Garden Organic has a great video and extensive, straightforward tips; the RHS offers no-nonsense advice with a problem-solving section and if you are wondering where to actually buy your composter then look no further in West Sussex than Getcomposting where you will see sturdy composters at great prices on offer only to West Sussex householders.

What should you put in the heap?  My ‘What Rotters!’ guide will help, with a list of the good, the bad and the so-so of compost ingredients.

Not sure how to start? See ‘5 steps to easy composting’

Want to know more about how it happens? See how rotting works

After as little as 6 weeks depending on the weather (warm weather helps!) you can turn throw-away ‘greens’ and ‘browns’ into this sweet smelling, nutrient-rich, no-cost ‘black gold’.  Spread it on your garden soil and your flowers, vegetables and plants will be the talk of the town!  It really is that easy.

Great gardens with beautiful flowers and shrubs, not to mention veg for our 5-a-day, don’t happen by chance.  Great soil is the key and great soil is within everyone’s grasp with a bit of compost in the mix. Give it a go! Annie


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