Pick-Your-Own into Compost-Your-Own

May Bank Holiday and half term are just around the corner, and many of our Pick Your Owns like Roundstone in Angmering and New House Farm in Horsham are opening up for the summer season next week.

Wandering in the fields in the sunshine is far nicer than shopping in a gloomy supermarket any day!

New House just has strawberries and raspberries (June and July); Roundstone's first crops will be strawberries, rhubarb and broad beans, followed by plenty more over the next few months.

With a good mixture of sunshine and rain lately, growing conditions have been great for British strawberries, with a lot of farmers saying they are seeing their best crop ever.

There’s something very satisfying about grabbing a basket and heading to the fields to pick your own produce.

There are a few freezer tips for fruit in this Jamie Oliver article which might come in useful if you’re not planning on eating your entire haul within 48 hours.

But if you do have a bake-off with strawberry meringues, strawberry cheesecake, strawberry muffins, and strawberry compote, just be sure to have your compost bin at the ready for the bits you’re discarding.

Love British fruit; don’t love fruit waste going to landfill.


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Did you know?

Did you know?