Our volunteer Cheryl Berry explains 'why I love composting'

Home composting is the cornerstone (not to mention the corner composter!) for enriching the soil in my garden in so many ways.  Adding compost improves soil structure for a start allowing plant roots to establish easily and making space between soil particles for air and water.  Good compost can add nutrients to the soil too ensuring my plants have the best start in life and continue to grow healthy and strong. When they are eventually past their best I just add them to the composter.  If I add my compost as a mulch on the soil it helps to keep it moist (a must when we do have a dry spell).  On top of that it can be spread around plants, added to pots and planters and even used to sow seeds if it is fine enough.

What is there not to love about composting? It's easy, quick and very sustainable!

Cheryl's fabulous garden bears testament to her great compost!  What's not to love indeed? - Annie


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