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Keeping a good mix of "greens" and "browns" in your compost bin (or heap, or pile) is an essential part of composting life.

Until we start regularly cutting the lawn, or trimming hedges, or pruning plants, our compost bins tend to be overloaded with kitchen scraps, peelings, onion skins and the like. But all that food waste can go a bit mushy on its own. Which is why for every bucket of peelings you throw in, you should also add the same amount of "browns" to stop the mush.

Great "brown" items from your kitchen include torn up cardboard, paper, receipts, crushed egg shells, egg boxes, fishfinger boxes, toilet rolls, kitchen rolls and pizza boxes (no grease, meat or cheese still attached). All of these can of course be recycled, and they should be if they are clean and dry. But if they are a bit damp (from being in the freezer and thawing out) or your recycling bin is already looking pretty full, tear them up, throw them in and your compost bin will thank you for it. Fallen leaves are also "brown", so scoop some of these up too.

"Brown" ingredients are high in carbon and provide a source of energy to the microbes working hard to break down your compost. They help to provide bulk and air flow.

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