New to composting this year? Read how one new composteer has got on.

Over the summer I had the chance to follow one West Sussex resident taking their first steps on the composting journey. Steve is 35 and lives in Chichester with his wife and young family. 
Why did you buy a compost bin? We chose to buy a compost bin because we were putting so much rubbish in our waste bin under the sink including all the fruit and vegetable stuff.  When I saw the reduced price offer on compost bins from the council that made my mind up and I thought I would give it a go.  It would also save us having to get a green waste kerbside bin for our garden waste too. How long have you had your bin? I've had it just a couple of months now. Had you already decided where to put it when you first got it? Hmm, yes, we have a small garden and there are lots of the children's toys out there but we decided it could go at the back by the shed.  It's out of the way but we can get to it quite easily. Did you know what you could put in the compost bin? Well we had some advice from my dad who has always composted and from our neighbour who has a compost bin too. What are the main things you put in your compost bin? We like to put in as much as possible from the kitchen so we collect and add all our fruit and vegetable peelings, torn up egg boxes and some scrunched up paper although we usually put paper in our kerbside recycling bin. We even add our used tea bags. How do you collect the compost ingredients in the kitchen? I keep an empty ice cream container by the back door and fill it with the peelings and scrunched up paper. When it's full, which can be on a daily basis, I take it out to the bin and simply tip it in.  Do you put much garden waste in? Yes I put in grass cuttings but I do try to sprinkle them in along with the kitchen waste which keeps the whole thing mixed - grass mowings can get a bit slimy I've discovered. Have you got any tips for other composteers? Give it a go! We were a bit unsure to begin with but both our kitchen and garden seem a lot more organized, cleaner and tidier because of the compost bin.  We don't have to have a green bin for the garden waste or keep going to the household waste recycling site with it.  Obviously if we decide to cut down a tree or if we did have old fencing to get rid of then that will have to be taken to the recycling site but that's not going to happen any time soon - at least I hope the fence won't get blown down!  I was really pleased to hear that Steve and his family have made such a great start with composting and hope they will ocntinue to compost for a long time to come.  I would love to hear your comments on Steve's experience.  - Annie


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