More green or more brown? There's an app for that.

If I'm honest, I didn't really expect there to be an app for composting, but there is. In fact there are 4 or 5, although one was in French and another was for commercial farming in Australia.

Then I stumbled upon free app CompostWorx which in summary gives you a list of ingredients to choose from; you add the various things that you have put in your compost bin lately and take a guess at how much (it tells you grams per handful, so just add an estimate) and it calculates whether you have too much "green" (nitrogen rich), too much "brown" (carbon rich), or whether you've got it just right.

It's really quite clever, and prompts you as to what to select to even things up if that's what you need. I was doing really well with a message telling me my heap was "well balanced" until I added a lot of weeds that I ripped out at the weekend, that were threatening to swamp my two small Azaleas that are just budding. Then the message changed to "add brown".

My only complaint was that it didn't have tea bags listed, and I compost a lot of them each week. But you can add your own items, so if you want to add teabags to yours, they weigh around 3g and their carbon-to-nitrogen ratio is 20:1.

Let me know if your bin gets the "well balanced" thumbs up.


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Did you know?

Did you know?