Make composting a family affair

Emptying the ‘rubbish’ bin from under the sink last week I spotted a couple of used tea bags lurking near the top. Duly rescued and popped in the kitchen compost caddy it made me realise that perhaps I am the only one in my house who ‘rescues’ organic kitchen waste on a regular basis for the compost bin!

Making composting a family affair and educating the whole family about what to compost and what not to compost is vital to keep green, organic matter out of our rubbish bins and stop it going to landfill. With this in mind I have set about encouraging everyone at home to share in the joys of composting making sure they are involved with every step of the process.

It turns out that not all my family knows what can and cannot be composted, some don’t know why we should compost and the children have no idea what happens in the compost bin itself.

If you are in the same boat, these ideas may help to make everything clear. A compost ingredients chart – greens and browns that can be added and things that should definitely be left out – pinned to the inside of a cupboard door or near the kitchen caddy will be a timely reminder whenever someone goes to throw something ‘away’.

A tick list of ingredients for composting (not forgetting garden green waste) could be turned into a competitive ‘who can find the most’ chart. A ‘seek and find’ ingredients card game could be a bingo-type game and a compost bug ID chart could keep the kids amused for hours. How about a ‘mastermind’ quiz for rainy days with questions like ‘can I add egg boxes to the compost ingredients?’ to try to catch them out? Finally when the organic kitchen (and garden green waste) has become useable compost involving everyone in using it in the garden should make a big impact.

With projects and a bit of competition I hope never to find a tea bag in the rubbish again and with a kitchen caddy and the compost bins in place what could possibly go wrong? Let me know how you get on. Annie


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