Keep calm and compost

I especially like the ‘calm’ bit of 'Keep Calm and Compost' when at this time of the year the green landscape around us is bursting into life and growing like it’s going out of fashion.

 ‘Calm’ is all about how easy composting really is whether it be on a domestic or a commercial level. At home no special equipment is needed over and above a compost bin – the great West Sussex offer is still on - or you could make a bin or two with whatever you have to hand.

With your bin (or bins) purchased or made and placed in the right spot adding compost ingredients can be a very calming experience too. Have a check list somewhere handy to just make sure you are adding the good stuff and go right ahead. You really cannot go wrong. The heap will tell you if you need to tweak what you are doing. You may see it’s a bit dry (just sprinkle some water or add more green ingredients which tend to be wetter), you may see it’s a bit wet (just add more twiggy and tough stuff). Alternatively just give it a bit of a mix with a stick or your garden fork.

The effect of knowing your green, organic waste is not going to landfill but freely transforming into lovely stuff for your garden is priceless, free and very calming. What a great beginning to a new growing year.  Compost karma! Annie.


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