Jobs for sunny days - make a list when it rains.

In some ways the arrival of wet and windy weather can be a relief for the gardener as an enforced break from practical tasks outside gives the chance to do some planning inside.  At this time of the year I jot down the things that I know I must do to get ahead, things that I think will improve the look of my garden and practical tasks to be done as soon as the weather allows.  Here's my plan:

First I jot down the things I know have to be done at this time of the year:

  • move a shrub to a more suitable place in the garden - Autumn and October in particular is the best time to do this, the soil is still warm and the plant is winding down into dormancy for the winter
  • spread last year's leaf mould (it looks so good!) on all the borders but particularly around the 'woodland' plants like camellia.  When I can get on the soil again I can lightly work the leaf mould into the soil
  • spread 'finished' compost on beds, borders, around pots and into the veg patch.  When the soil is drier I can dig it in.
  • make sure the new compost heap is ready to go, even though the garden green waste will reduce,  I will be adding all my organic kitchen waste over the winter months
  • I can begin to make my new leaf mould pile making sure the chicken wire container is intact and the leaves won't blow all over the garden again
  • take cuttings - hardwood and semi-ripe cuttings from plants I would like to increase in number (if I have too many I can give them away)

Then I can plan for next season:

  • do I need to re-shape borders
  • which seeds I would like to have for the flower and veg garden
  • decide where my new composter can go

When I start on my list I will think of more and more things,  but that is the joy of a rainy day - there's time to give it all some thought!  Annie.


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