I can still see egg shells!

If you’ve been adding all manner of fruit and vegetable peelings, cores, stalks, tea bags, egg shells and shredded paper to your compost bin, it will start to fill up quite quickly. That means when you lift the hatch at the bottom, not all of it will have broken down and you might see some egg shells or other items poking through.

If you just need a small amount of compost, use a trowel and take a bit to fill up patio pots and containers. Finished compost should be dark brown and moist with a nice earthy smell.

If you need lots of compost, its best to take off the whole bin. A ground sheet can be very handy for doing this; then grab a fork and put some gardening gloves on.

  1. Rock the bin back and forth to loosen material around the edges. Then lift the bin up. The finished compost will be at the bottom, the middle layer will be partially rotted and your most recently added items will be at the top.
  2. Use your garden fork to remove the top and middle layers into a wheelbarrow - you can add these back in when you’ve collected the compost you need.
  3. A few egg shells and twigs are fine left in the compost you’ll be using, but if there are lots of larger items, fish them out. Then either spread the finished compost wherever you want it, or bag it up. It will store well for a year.


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