Help my compost bin is full!

No matter what the weather the amount of green waste from the garden can quickly fill the compost bin at this time of the year. Summer prunings, dead heading, spent annuals, dreaded weeds not to mention some of the lawn clippings all go into the mix. Summer salads mean no end of organic kitchen waste (peelings, fruit cores, lettuce leaves and more) and I keep adding cardboard and paper torn into smaller pieces.

I am the proud owner of two new compost bins constructed from wood offcuts and board which were extra to requirements. I am also the proud owner of two compost bins which are full! One has the ingredients from the beginning of the year maturing nicely into lovely compost which I will be spreading on the borders and into pots next spring. The other is full to the brim with this year’s green ingredients.

Luckily there is no need to panic. Overnight in the summer these fresh compost ingredients will shrink just enough for me to be able to add little more and as if by magic there is always just enough room to add more green waste the next time I venture out to cut the grass or dead head the roses which have grown lovely on last year's 'black magic'. Isn’t nature amazing! Annie


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