Get Hooked On Composting

If you haven't had time to start composting yet, here are more tips to help.  A good beginner's composting tip is to first buy (if living in West Sussex) a WSCC special offer composter bin for £13.  Don't forget to  put it in a sunny place in your garden if possible (this will help to speed the composting process) and on bare soil to allow lovely worms and insects into the heap to work their magic. Then add your ingredients. Top tip: chopping material for the compost bin speeds up the composting process.  Make sure you have a good mix (50/50 is best) of Greens and Browns.  Greens from your kitchen or garden includes all your vegetable peelings, grass cuttings and plants past their sell-by date (old pansies for example). Greens are nitrogen rich.  Browns include cardboard Top tip: tear cardboard into small pieces, egg boxes, crumpled and torn paper from the house and woody prunings from the garden.  Browns are carbon rich.  With a balanced 'diet', worms and insects, and a bit of warmth the greens and browns will quickly turn into your very own, free compost.  Once you start, you will be hooked!


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Just put dead flowers from the living room in my kitchen caddy and chopped up cauliflower stems - we've had a glut of caulis! All ready to go into the compost bin next time I go down the garden. Sue, Havant
01 May 2014 09:39 by
Hoping for good weather this weekend as I'm expecting delivery of my home composter (220ltr) and I've set aside some time to do some "cutting and chopping" in my garden. And have an ice cream tub half full of peelings and scraps in my kitchen, ready for transfer...! Kerry, Worthing.
01 May 2014 09:33 by System A
With lots of pruning at this time - tip is to add only in small amounts and well chopped up.
01 May 2014 09:33 by System A

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