Garden plastic and compost don't mix

Lurking beneath every surface I seem to have a heap of plastic plant pots (all different sizes!) and plant trays. Unwilling to throw them away because they cannot be recycled in West Sussex I keep them in the vain hope that they will be of use some day.

Inevitably some plastic pots end up in green waste it seems accidentally I am sure being dropped into ‘green’ kerbside bins or into our bags and boxes when we take green waste to local Household Waste Recycling sites.

My recent visit to a commercial composting facility near Henfield in West Sussex highlighted the issue as I saw plastic pots and bags being removed from the heap of raw green waste before it went into their commercial shredder.

There are of course lots of ideas for reusing plastic plant pots and trays. I always use them for planting on seedlings and young plants, use one in the greenhouse to feed garden twine through and use a smaller one inside a bigger pot to create a space for potting on a larger plant. In addition it is worth asking your local garden centres if they will take them back too.

But I am determined to make better use of the garden plastic I save and these inspirational ideas on Pinterest have kick-started my personal campaign! Annie


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