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Freely available on the internet in a multitude and sometimes confusing array of websites you can access a wealth of information about composting.  Some are better than others.  With videos, expert opinion, info-graphics and much more these websites are worth a look!

News and views: the Recycle Now website is easy to use and has great video clips.  The RHS have no-nonsense, comprehensive composting advice and Garden Organic offer a great problem solving section as well as an organic twist.

Alongside all the compost information available I like to keep up with composting news and events as they happen and social media is the way to go!  Twitter users will already be familiar with the as-it-happens news that comes with a twitter feed and @westsussexwaste is no different.  Using current statistics, picking up on weather conditions and promoting the many events across West Sussex there is something for every 'compost' interest.

News and views: Keep your finger on the pulse and follow us @westsussexwaste.  Recent tweets include, 'Wow #westsussex you're big #composting fans; 595 compost bins sold this summer. Sales per district on our infographic' and 'Most popular months for gardening? April and May. In July and Aug, green waste started falling by 1K tonnes a month!'

If like me you are keen to convert family members, friends and neighbours to home composting it can be useful to have an album of photos, ideas and other people's take on composting.  If like me you have no such thing then look no further than Flickr or Pinterest.  Signing in for your own account is easy and free.  The added bonus is that you can upload your own photos and ideas for home composting, collecting organic kitchen waste, using your own compost and much more.

News and views: our Flickr and Pinterest accounts have composting and other waste prevention and waste reduction albums.  Well worth a look!

Comments welcome on all of the above! I look forward to hearing from you.  Annie.

P.S. Composting at home for just one year can save global warming gases equivalent to all the CO2 your kettle produces annually, or your washing machine produces in three months!


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