Composting your 5-a-day could save a million

We’ve been told for years to eat 5-a-day for a healthy, balanced diet. But when you’ve eaten an apple, peeled a parsnip, skinned an onion, or grated a carrot, what do you do with the cores, skins, peel or stalks?

20,000 tonnes of fruit and vegetable waste ends up in landfill every year in West Sussex. And it costs over £1.6 million in landfill tax. That’s £1.6 million of tax payers’ money gone on waste, instead of being spent on core services in the county.

Want to get that money out of landfill? The answer is to compost. If you also compost your tea bags, coffee grinds and egg shells - as well as your fruit and vegetable waste - that’s another 2,000 tonnes diverted from landfill, and an additional £147,668 saved in landfill tax. Add in shredded paper and any wet paper or card (torn into pieces) and we are looking at a further 13,000 tonnes and another £1.1 million landfill tax bill avoided.

You can compost year round. But if you have never composted and you want to do your bit, now is the best time. With a good mix of garden trimmings, grass cuttings, and kitchen waste, you’ll get your first compost in time for your summer beds, borders and pots.

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