Composting - A Great Idea!

With your compost on the go there is time to think about why composting is such a good idea. Here are some of the reasons.

First your rubbish bin: feeding all your kitchen peelings and organic waste into your garden composter keeps your rubbish bin cleaner and sweeter smelling. Second keeping stuff out of landfill: if you and six of your neighbours composted kitchen, organic waste along with garden, green waste for a year, you would keep approximately 1 tonne of organic waste out of landfill. That is a lot! Next, you get free compost: the compost you make is great for your garden. Spread it over flower beds or vegetable plots. You could even use it in your pots – fill them half with your compost and half with shop bought compost. Your compost is really good for the soil – it helps keep moisture in, it can help to break up heavy clay soil, it encourages beneficial, garden insects and adds some goodness too. Last but not least, it’s quick! Compost can be ready in as little as 6 weeks given the right conditions and you can never have enough compost. So you can see why home composting really is satisfying and easy into the bargain. You might even consider getting another composter – still at bargain offer prices.  Composting really  is a great idea! - Annie.

Here are my peelings ready to go in the kitchen caddy....Annie