Compost Munchers and Crunchers

A good compost bin needs workers and these come in the shape of all sorts of insects and mini-beasts. Alongside slugs, snails and woodlice, familiar compost worms are the star of the show.

 When you lift the lid on your composter you will often find the worms under the lid and round the rim of the composter – trying to escape?? Not a bit of it. They are enjoying the warmer conditions near the top of the heap and making baby worms! When they are not making babies they are constantly tunnelling in your compost and feeding on the dead plant matter and decaying insects (yuk!) The tunnels they make allow air and water to get into the heap too.

Another familiar insect in all our compost bins is the woodlouse. These mini armadillos munch their way through the woody waste. Slug and snails usually feed on living plant material but will occasionally pop up in the compost to munch through the fresh organic waste you put in the compost bin. Most of the composting process is carried out by these tiny animals and many more, not to mention the fungi and bacteria almost invisible to the naked eye. Make your own insect banquet with a good mix of greens and browns for the compost munchers and crunchers to feast on, working for free to turn it into your very own soil improver! Annie


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13 May 2019 23:49 by Anonymous U
Hi Kerry, yes you're right! Compost worms love tea bags and you will soon have lots of worms if you put your tea bags in the heap. No matter if your heap is big or small the more worms the better to turn it into lovely compost for your garden. Annie.
18 May 2014 07:33 by Annie C
Hi there. I'm new to composting and not got many worms in my (still quite small) heap. I've heard teabags can help...!? Is that true? Kerry.
14 May 2014 08:33 by System A

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