Brits eat and drink for 9 hours a week

In one week, it’s thought us Brits spend 9 hours eating and drinking. That's according to an 'Everyday Life' survey by social research agency NatCen. Only just over an hour a day, but week on week, those hours add up.

We think you can add a few more hours too, for all the food prep required – the chopping of fruit for snacks, vegetables for dinner, and lots of salad now we are approaching summer.

But how do you dispose of the tops, bottoms, peel, stalks and skins?

By now, we're hoping you have bought one of our discounted compost bins, but if you haven't, then you should know that £1.6 million pounds is spent on sending peelings that have been binned off to landfill. It just makes no sense to spend that sum of money on waste, that could actually be free food for your gardens or patio plants.

Still need to buy a bin? They start at £13 plus delivery on our buy a bin page.

Not sure what you can put in a compost bin? Start here with our composting A-Z.


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