August diary entry 2

I'd earmarked Saturday as the day when I could do a bit in the garden this week - and lovely weather meant there was no holding me back!  The front garden has needed some attention for a while and I've been unhappy with the existing planting.  So, it was out with the trugs and garden fork for a spot of clearing.  Out with the overgrown chamomile plants, out with the bindweed (growing nicely thank you!) and out with some small shrubs which were looking unhappy and have been replanted elsewhere in the garden.

In the small veg patch at the back of the garden my tomato plants were lush, green and tall but the poor tomatoes hidden by all those leaves.  So off with the lower leaves, top growth to leave 3/4 trusses and a bit of tying in to keep the plants in good shape.  My secateurs are never far away so the usual deadheading and snipping has been going on throughout the week too.

The heap of woodier green waste along with the bindweed (which I never add to the heap) has grown in size and will be taken to my local Household Waste Recycling site when we next go.

At the end of my Saturday efforts the compost heap was overflowing. Compost creatures are hard at work though and the heap gradually shrinks as always - amazing, Annie.


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Hi Tracy you can remove compost that's ready to use at any time of the year. Spring is the traditional time to improve the soil after winter but if you need the space for your garden and kitchen waste now, then I would go ahead. Annie.
21 August 2015 10:22 by Annie C

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