August Diary entry 1

A busy week didn't see me doing any serious gardening but put a pair of secateurs in my hand and the plants better look out!  Deadheading is always a must to keep some colour going in the borders and I find it a relaxing, fairly speedy job, weeds have been removed where necessary and straggly summer growth on shrubs and climbers removed.

All this means the compost has been full to the brim with prunings from a silver leaved shrub and a choisya along with some tomato plants that didn't make it to the veg patch.  Softer green growth and dead-headings have all been added too.

Miraculously each time I lift the lid on the compost it has shrunk just enough for the next amount of garden waste.  Thank you slugs (I have a lot of really big ones in the heap this year!), wood lice, worms and the rest! Annie


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30 May 2020 11:29 by Anonymous U
Hi, many larger slugs primarily feed on decomposing organic matter so in the compost heap they can be a valuable part of the composting process, The RHS website (search RHS slugs) has more information about them. Annie
05 August 2015 11:01 by Annie C
Ah ha! Didn't realise slugs could actually be useful. There are dozens in my garden after the rain today, I might grab my Marigolds, collect them up and chuck them in my compost bin. Then they will actually do some good, not kill off any more of my sweet-peas and Hydrangeas.
05 August 2015 08:25 by Anonymous U

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