Ask Annie

Volunteers compost!

Our stalwart team of volunteers – Waste Prevention Advisers – are keen to share the composting message as part of waste prevention in West Sussex and practising the art of composting comes second nature as you may imagine. Sharing some of their stories proved popular earlier this year, so here are some more... Cheryl almost has more bins than borders.

Anthony is the team’s ‘man in Europe’

At home Anthony is committed to recycling green waste and home composting and he has four composters to prove it.

Our colleague Paul lives in a flat

 Living in a flat, Paul has no facilities at hand to compost but Annie has some suggestions.

Team member Maureen enlisted help to make composters from discarded wood

With waste materials from building and clearing work at hand, Household Waste Prevention officer Maureen made her own compost bins.

Our next team member is Alan

A keen and experienced gardener, our colleague Alan shares his composting know-how.

Team compost

Working alongside fellow gardeners and recycling experts it won’t surprise you that most of us are composting fans! But just as with how we dress, everyone’s take on composting is slightly individual which makes for an interesting read. First up is team member Kerry.

August diary entry 3

Onions and rain.  The weather has kept me indoors - but that includes the greenhouse!

August diary entry 2

This week plants past their sell-by-date have had to go and tomatoes need some tlc.

August Diary entry 1

The first of my month's weekly compost diary sees me out with the secateurs!

My August compost diary

The summer holidays are in full swing, gardens are in full use and composting takes a back seat. Or does it?

Did you know?

Did you know?