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I don't "do" gardening. What would I use compost for?

So you have a garden, perhaps not a big one, no borders just grass, and whilst you like the idea of composting, you don’t do anything with your garden. Ever. There are other ways to use compost.

Let’s talk tea...

A couple of you have asked us about polypropylene found in the mesh of many popular tea bag brands. Whilst its true, composting is still your best option. We explain…

The secret to fast compost

What all composters want is to be quickly repaid for their efforts. Here’s some insight into how to get fast compost and get your kitchen waste to break down quicker.

I can still see egg shells!

Don’t worry if your compost looks a little lumpy with twigs and bits of eggshells - this is perfectly normal and it can still be used.

I’ve made compost… now what.

If you’ve produced your first ever compost, you may be wondering what to do with it and when. Read on to see what's best in April, best in May, best after rain, and best at any time.

Composting your 5-a-day could save a million

20,000 tonnes of fruit and vegetable waste is ending up in landfill every year in West Sussex. And its costing over £1.6 million in landfill tax.

Not got your gardening gloves on yet?

We keep hearing reports of snow, but no flakes yet. If you are holding off cutting your grass and doing some gardening, but still adding kitchen waste to your compost, this blog's for you.

No room to compost? Consider a wormery.

If you live in a flat, or you are just short of space, but reluctant to add your peelings and scraps to the dustbin, then a wormery might be for you - it was for my mum.

Put your fallen leaves to good use

Raking up leaves at this time of year can seem like a major chore, but there are many reasons why we clear them up annually - and it is not all about having a tidy garden.

Volunteer Laura is a hot composter fan but has friends who cold compost.

Not all compost bins are black, and not all compost in the same way. Waste Prevention Advisor Laura’s Green Johanna fits the bill and she has friends who are avid composteers.

Did you know?

Did you know?