Recipe - Savoury French Toast


Two slices of thick-cut bread (if it’s slightly stale, even better!)

3 eggs

A dash of milk

Salt & pepper

A handful of chopped chives

A tablespoon of butter


1. Beat the eggs in a bowl, add a dash of milk and the salt and pepper.

2. Transfer to a shallow dish or plate.

3. Meanwhile, heat a frying pan on a medium to high heat and add the butter.

4. When the butter is starting to brown, add the eggy bread to the pan and fry for a couple of minutes or until the underside turns golden brown. Flip with a spatula and do the same on the other side.

5. Transfer to a serving plate, and while the toast is still hot, grate over some cheese and allow to melt slightly. Add a handful of chopped chives and serve immediately.

- Enjoy -